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About Alert Research Ltd

Alert ResearchAlert Research is a specialist research and business intelligence organisation harnessing internal expertise and state of the art systems and technology to monitor, gather raw data, analyse and report on corporate change in those organisations that collectively make up 85% of the UKs turnover.

There is a particular focus on delivering accurate, comprehensive up to date company profiles for targeted companies and tracking and effectively communicating information about movement in key financials, employee related data, decision makers and news that impacts directly on business performance, strategy, supplier relationships and market outlook.

Alert Research is based in London, with researchers and editors throughout the UK. The business is headed up by Ray Murphy, an information professional, with extensive business intelligence and senior operational management experience in the UK, continental Europe and the United States. Ray contributes frequently to business publications including commentary for The Sunday Times business pages since 1998.

Alert Research delivers services to clients in a range of professional, corporate and industrial spheres in the UK and internationally.

Alert Research Ltd can be contacted as follows:

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Alert Research Ltd
20-22 Wenlock Road
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