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Why invest in Company Reports from Alert Data?

Alert Data company reports uniquely combine official data reported by the company with our own individually researched background and contact information, plus up-to-the-minute business news to provide you with a complete and up-to-date picture of the Organisation.

Our reports are ideal for:

  • Interview Preparation
  • Researching Potential Customers or Suppliers
  • Benchmarking/Takeover Research
  • Keeping up-to-date with Current Clients
  • Performing Competitor Analysis

Buy Alert Data reports with confidence:

Money Back Guarantee

100% complete satisfaction Money Back Guarantee (see terms).

Fast delivery (usually instant), get it when you need it.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers (see opposite for a sample of our customers comments).

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Sugarich Limited

Full comprehensive business profile

for just £4.95

50% off the usual price £9.95 inc VAT

Company Profiles Include (where available)

Company Contact details (including address, telephone number, website, no. of locations)

A business description, main market sectors

Key Contact names and job titles

5 year history of key financial data - turnover, profits, loans and overdrafts, cost of sales, cash, stock, assets, etc

5 year history of key employee data - staff numbers, average remuneration, profit per employee, directors pay, etc

News headlines for the company taken - taken from a review of 30,000 sources, daily

Summary details for Parent / Subsidiary companies and Group Structure Tree

Company's Credit Rating over the last 2 years

What our customers say about Alert Data Company Reports:

“Alert Data is the first service I have come across that provides an all-in package of good company data, sector information and news.”
Paul Hickman - Bishopscourt Affinity Solutions

“The report met my expectations and the timeliness was incredible... Also the follow-up is a true example of good customer service.”
Filip Moens

“Great customer service and the reason I purchased from you again and will do so in future.”
Dominic Shaw

“The report was value for money.”
Tim Heard

“Thank you for your excellent service. I will certainly use your company again.”
Pam Davidoff, Davidoff Research Services

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