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  • NB Distillery Limited : Exporting NG Gin Globally - Partnerships in Australia
  • Lovisa UK Ltd : Australian Retailer Expands To UK - Opens Store in Leeds - New Jobs
  • Sepura Plc : Record Order Book - Revenues up 70% to 65m - Further International Expansion Planned
  • John Wood Group Plc : 60m Contract Secured - 100 New Jobs in Iraq and Dubai - 4.3bn Turnover
  • Allied London Properties Limited : 9m-a-year Funding Secured - 78m Leisure Development
  • S.A.Brain & Co.,Ltd : 85m finance secured - opening Coffee#1 cafes - new jobs expected
  • Omega Warrington Limited : 30m Funding Secured - Warehouse Development
  • The Townhouse Hotel Gosforth Limited : 300,000 investment - hotel expansion
  • Clayton & Co.(Penistone),Limited : 5m Contract Secure - 10 New Jobs
  • Irwin Mitchell Llp : Merger With Thomas Eggar - Creating 250m Turnover Firm
  • RMEC LIMITED : Targeting 16m Turnover - Expanding Internationally - Ongoing Growth Strategy
  • Biopta Limited : Acquired by Japanese firm for 5.5m
  • Bourne Leisure Group Limited : 10m investment - new Haven holiday park - creating jobs
  • Spirax-Sarco Engineering Plc : Acquires US-based Flow Smart - 5.7m Investment - 678n Turnover
  • Devon and Cornwall Housing Association : 4.5m Savings Needed - 40 Jobs At Risk - Business Restructure

Business Lists and Key Contacts

Precision lists from a database of UK organisations with 1m+ turnover, PLUS thousands more growing rapidly.

  • Select by business size, location, industry, SIC code
  • Key contacts include Directors, CEO, FD, IT Head, HR Head. Purchasing / Supplies head
  • Export for stand alone use or import to CRM
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Trigger Alerts

Freshly researched business opportunities and contacts.

  • Dynamic change creates the need for new products and services.
  • Trigger events include changes in jobs, premises, IT, finances, acquisitions, contracts, growth.
  • The fast track for finding and qualifying new sales leads.
  • Regular reports delivered to your inbox or smartphone.
  • Cut research spadework, free more time for active selling.
  • Key decision makers with accurate contact information.

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Company Information

Profiles of all UK companies with 1m+ turnover, PLUS thousands more growing rapidly.

  • Contact details, address, telecomms, website.
  • Business description, main market sectors
  • Directors and key contacts, emails
  • Financials and employee data
  • Corporate Structure & Credit Rating
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Industry Analysis & Reports

Expert, concise private and public sector reports.

  • Market statistics and trends.
  • Key Company monitoring.
  • Current and future issues.
  • Cross sectors comparisons.
  • SWOT analysis

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