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Expand alert20 Oct 2014Cutbacks in energy efficiency sector
Expand alert20 Oct 2014Oil market claws back some losses
Expand alert20 Oct 2014Senior Management Moves - CEO and COO Leave Company
Afren Plc | Reg No. 05304498 | SIC Code 1120 | HQ London | Tel 020 7864 3700 | Turnover £973.8m | Employees 294 | Locations 5 | 20 Company Alerts
Management Moves: 2 Executive Departures
London: 2 Executive Departures
Energy & Utilities: 2 Executive Departures
Expand alert20 Oct 2014Management Acquires 51% Stake - 0.85m Funding - Positive Business Outlook
Ice Energy Technologies Limited | Reg No. 06290057 | SIC Code 7487 | HQ South East | Tel 0808 145 2340 | Turnover £15.1m | Employees 69 | Locations 3 | 2 Company Alerts
Unlock this alert16 Oct 2014 Appointing Administrators - 100 Jobs Lost - Factory Closed
Unlock this alert16 Oct 2014 1000 New jobs - New premises - Business growth
Unlock this alert16 Oct 2014 Acquired By Irish Company - 14 Wind Turbine Projects
Unlock this alert16 Oct 2014 500m Joint Venture - New Wind Farm Projects - Creating Jobs
Unlock this alert16 Oct 2014 Organisational Restructuring - 40 Jobs At Risk - 12 New Roles
Unlock this alert14 Oct 2014 Wind Farm Development - 780,000 Funding Secured
Unlock this alert13 Oct 2014 New Solar Farm - 30 Construction Jobs Expected - 31m Turnover
Unlock this alert13 Oct 2014 500 Job Losses - Management Restructuring Plans - 100 New Jobs
Unlock this alert13 Oct 2014 Renewable Energy Investment - Reducing Energy Costs
Unlock this alert13 Oct 2014 15m Funding Secured - New Community Wind Farm
Unlock this alert13 Oct 2014 Renewable energy investors must be encouraged
Unlock this alert11 Oct 2014 Creating 140 Jobs - Developing New Power Station
Unlock this alert10 Oct 2014 Team Expansion - 41 Latest Vacancies - 6 UK Locations - Positive Business Outlook
Unlock this alert09 Oct 2014 New funding aims to bridge the energy sector skills gap
Unlock this alert09 Oct 2014 Finite water resources put pressure on energy sector
Unlock this alert09 Oct 2014 Oil industry could be here until 2100
Unlock this alert08 Oct 2014 Global energy efficiency market worth $310bn and growing
Unlock this alert07 Oct 2014 Solar power market could hit 200GW milestone by year end
Unlock this alert06 Oct 2014 Implications for the energy efficiency sector
Unlock this alert05 Oct 2014 The nuclear industry still has its secrets
Unlock this alert04 Oct 2014 Solar Power Industry threatened
Unlock this alert04 Oct 2014 Conference: heritage and legacy of the manufactured gas industry in Britain
Unlock this alert03 Oct 2014 Oil market strikes new low
Unlock this alert03 Oct 2014 Hazardous Areas in the petrochemical, oil & gas and food & beverage sectors
Unlock this alert03 Oct 2014 Oil market strikes new low
Unlock this alert03 Oct 2014 Huge interest in first ever energy capacity market auction
Unlock this alert02 Oct 2014 Doncaster Pit To Close - 700 Jobs Lost - GBP 4m Loan - Nottinghamshire Site Also To Close
Unlock this alert01 Oct 2014 Major University Contract - Innovative Renewable Energy Technology
Unlock this alert30 Sep 2014 Oil market struggles for direction faced with strong dollar
Unlock this alert29 Sep 2014 Customers come first ? the new water retail market
Energy & Utilities Overview

A general reduction in UK energy production is an encouraging sign in the context of concern over the environmental effects of carbon dioxide production. The UK has reached peak point of indigenous energy resources utilisation and within the foreseeable future will become a net importer rather than exporter of energy sources unless Government policy permits expansion in nuclear power generating capacity. As North Sea oil and gas runs out, the UK will have to import 80% of its energy requirements from countries such as Algeria and Iran. It is legitimate to question the security of supply, the risk of being held to ransom and the strategic economic consequences.

1.Royal Dutch Shell PLC ( £271648.3m )
2.BP PLC ( £238526.9m )
3.E D F Trading Limited ( £136345.2m )
4.Shell Trading International Limited ( £82863.0m )
5.BHP Billiton PLC ( £65968.0m )
6.BP International Limited ( £58344.3m )
7.Rio Tinto PLC ( £30805.5m )
8.Sse Plc ( £28304.6m )
9.SSE Energy Supply Ltd ( £27835.7m )
10.Centrica PLC ( £26571.0m )
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