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Expand alert22 Oct 2014Chief Executive Officer Suspended - Acting Chief Executive Officer Appointed - 600 Employees
DAS UK Holdings Limited | Reg No. 03457687 | SIC Code 7415 | HQ South West | Tel 0117 934 2000 | Turnover £0.0m | Employees 594 | Locations 3 | 10 Company Alerts | 8 Subsidiary Alerts
Expand alert20 Oct 2014Insurance industry needs to educate fleets on changing driver behaviour and reducing accidents
Expand alert20 Oct 2014Pensions insurance buyout market predicted to grow to 20bn per year by 2020
Expand alert10 Oct 2014Insurance firms unsure how far to push big data mining while remaining ethical
Unlock this alert09 Oct 2014 Insurance industry must adapt to changing threats
Unlock this alert03 Oct 2014 Windstorms good for insurance/reinsurance industry
Unlock this alert03 Oct 2014 Insurance industry heading for changes
Unlock this alert03 Oct 2014 Customer Services Team Expansion - Recruiting 30 Staff
Insurance & Assurance Overview

The UK insurance industry is an important contributor to the economy, a major employer and a significant source of overseas earnings. It helps businesses to protect themselves from risk and provides a wide range of services to the general public, from pensions to car and house insurance. The insurance industry has always been a significant contributor to the UK's net exports, but perhaps in the past has not always been recognised as such. It has overtaken banking to become the largest contributor to the UK's financial sector net exports.

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