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Expand alert25 Nov 2014Turner Peachey Acquired - Offices Increase From 8 to 13 - 300 Employees - view original
Baldwins Holdings Limited | Reg No. 06365189 | SIC Code 7412 | HQ West Midlands | Tel 01922 633541 | Turnover £9.8m | Employees 180 | Locations 10 | 5 Company Alerts | 1 Subsidiary Alert
Expand alert24 Nov 2014Better financial complaints procedures agreed - view original
Expand alert24 Nov 2014Banking jobs out of favour with students - view original
Expand alert24 Nov 2014Investment ndustry starts to pre-empt plans for fund fee reforms - view original
Unlock this alert24 Nov 2014 Opening 40 More Branches - New 5,300 sq ft Premises - New Jobs Expected
Unlock this alert21 Nov 2014 Senior Managment Appointment - New HR Director
Unlock this alert21 Nov 2014 Senior Managment Changes - Third Chief Executive Leaves Company - 314.7m Turnover
Unlock this alert21 Nov 2014 Expansion in Belfast - 54m Investment - Creating 600 Jobs
Unlock this alert20 Nov 2014 Turnover up 83.64% to 18.84m - Employees up to 109 - Actively Recruiting
Unlock this alert20 Nov 2014 Creating 80 Jobs - Team Manager Roles - Business Growth
Unlock this alert19 Nov 2014 Rawlins Financial Advisors Acquried - 30m of Funds under Management - Company Growth
Unlock this alert17 Nov 2014 Self-employed let down by financial services sector
Unlock this alert17 Nov 2014 Outsources Investments - Service Proposition Strengthened
Unlock this alert14 Nov 2014 Commences Major Restructuring - 1,250 Job Losses - Falling Demand for Insurance Products
Unlock this alert12 Nov 2014 Secures 325m Contract - Co-Op Bank Outsourcing Agreement - Acquiring Mortgage Service Operations
Unlock this alert12 Nov 2014 325m Outsourcing Agreement - Capita Acquires Mortgage Services Operations - Business Expansion Plans
Unlock this alert12 Nov 2014 Business Growth - Nottingham Office Expansion - Staff Numbers Increased - New Clients Secured
Unlock this alert10 Nov 2014 Banking industry in competition probe
Unlock this alert10 Nov 2014 Banks are willing to do business and want to lend to small firms
Unlock this alert10 Nov 2014 1bn Profits - Company Growth
Unlock this alert10 Nov 2014 Business Growth - Revenues and Profits Rise - 3.9bn of Annuity Sales
Unlock this alert08 Nov 2014 1.27 billion profit - 100m Set Aside for Compensation Claims - 400m for exchange rate rigging allegations
Unlock this alert05 Nov 2014 Expansion in Glasgow - New 31,000 sq ft Office
Unlock this alert05 Nov 2014 9,000 Job Losses - Branch Closures - Online Customers Quadrupled
Unlock this alert03 Nov 2014 Financial services must put customer first
Unlock this alert03 Nov 2014 Confidence in UK logistics sector
Unlock this alert31 Oct 2014 Investing in Growth - Expansion of Cardiff Operation - Hundreds of New Jobs
Unlock this alert29 Oct 2014 Vacancies in Manchester - Turnover Up 22% to 18m - Positive Business Performance
Unlock this alert29 Oct 2014 Job Opportunities - Turnover Up 88% to 18m - 450 Employees Worldwide - Strong Business Performance
Retail Banking & Consumer Financial Services Overview

Whilst the UK has been performing better than other major European economies, organisations in the sector are likely to suffer the knock-on effects of unsustainable levels of consumer credit, the risks of an overheating housing market, the relentless nature of technology-driven change and, added to these, a regulatory environment aimed at preventing Enron and WorldCom type scandals and incautious selling of financial products such as endowment-linked mortgages.
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