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Expand alert16 Dec 2014BT invests 100m to grow van fleet and update IT - view original
Expand alert12 Dec 201416m Chepstow Depot Operational - Investing in IT and Vechicles - Possible Acquisitions - view original
BFS Group Limited | Reg No. 00239718 | SIC Code 5139 | HQ South East | Tel 0370 3663 100 | Turnover £2,071.4m | Employees 5808 | Locations 5 | 8 Company Alerts | 3 Subsidiary Alerts
Expand alert10 Dec 201410% Growth In Turnover - New Staff Recruited - Investment in IT and Premises - 12 Locations - view original
Johnston Carmichael Llp | Reg No. SO303232 | Tel 01224 212222 | Turnover £33.4m | Employees 495 | Locations 11 | 4 Subsidiary Alerts
Expand alert10 Dec 2014Nottingham Trent University announces 10.3 million investment into science and technology buildings - view original
Unlock this alert09 Dec 2014 Major Regeneration Programme - 5,000 Potential New Jobs - 15 Locations
Unlock this alert09 Dec 2014 Major Investment in IT - Consolidating Offices - International Expansion
Unlock this alert08 Dec 2014 10m Investment - New Technology - 30m Cost Savings - Service Improvements
Unlock this alert08 Dec 2014 Major Growth Plans - 13m Investment - New Jobs Expected - Investing in IT and Property
Unlock this alert08 Dec 2014 European Workforce Tripled - App Platform Lauched in Europe
Unlock this alert04 Dec 2014 dlc announces investment in Semafone?s technology for telephone payment security
Unlock this alert03 Dec 2014 EE Commits Connectivity to Rural Communities
Unlock this alert01 Dec 2014 England's Road Network To Get 15bn Investment
Unlock this alert27 Nov 2014 Harry Major Machine invests in EPLAN Software
Unlock this alert26 Nov 2014 European Centres To Close - 23 UK Jobs Lost - Smaller Sites Affected
Unlock this alert26 Nov 2014 Digital Director Appointed - Service Developments - International Expansion
Unlock this alert25 Nov 2014 Investing In Business Growth - 42 Jobs Created - Turnover Increased To GBP 17.5m
Unlock this alert24 Nov 2014 Saxo Bank Scoops Best Use of IT in Investment Banking at Banking Technology Awards
Unlock this alert24 Nov 2014 Airbus announces 100 million wing innovation investment which will help support Filton jobs
Unlock this alert24 Nov 2014 Moving IT to South Africa - Computacenter Outsourcing Contract - Operational Gains
Unlock this alert21 Nov 2014 Major investment in biomass technology and biomass fuel supply
Unlock this alert20 Nov 2014 Digital Managing Director Appointed - Expansion of News Websites
IT Overview

Identifying organisations where significant investment / expenditure is being formalised either as budgets for the coming year or for the financing of one off projects. This section also highlights general budgeting and expenditure trends that are evident - collectively the information assists the targeting of business growth opportunities.
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