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Expand alert21 Nov 2014Family-owned bank continues international acquisitions with Bahamas buy - view original
Expand alert19 Nov 2014Markit Acquires DTCC Stake in MarkitSERV - view original
Expand alert19 Nov 2014Coalfield to acquire remaining 75.1% of Harworth Estates - view original
Expand alert19 Nov 2014Business Expansion - Software Company Acquired - Customer Centre Opened - £80m Turnover - view original
JIGSAW24 LIMITED | Reg No. 02745074 | HQ East Midlands | Tel 03332 400 888 | Turnover £0.0m | Locations 1 | 2 Company Alerts
Office Premises: 1 Location Gained
London: 1 Location Gained
IT Software & Services: 1 Location Gained
Unlock this alert19 Nov 2014 Rawlins Financial Advisors Acquried - £30m of Funds under Management - Company Growth
Unlock this alert19 Nov 2014 Acquired by Jones Sheridan Financial - £30m of Funds under Management Transferred
Unlock this alert18 Nov 2014 Business Expansion - £63m Acquisition - Developing 4 New Medical Centres - Potential New Jobs
Unlock this alert17 Nov 2014 Growth Investment Secured - Management Buyout - £13m Revenues
Unlock this alert17 Nov 2014 Acquired By Outsourcing Firm - New Market Opportunities
Unlock this alert17 Nov 2014 £130m Takeover - Acquired by Connect Group - 34 Locations
Unlock this alert15 Nov 2014 Business Expansion - Acquires Software Company
Unlock this alert14 Nov 2014 Sale Plans Withdrawn - Seeking International Acquisitions - £240m Turnover
Unlock this alert14 Nov 2014 Timber lodge company acquired - Company Growth - Proposed Expansion
Unlock this alert14 Nov 2014 Acquired by YFM Equity Partners - Proposed Expansion - Proposed New Jobs
Unlock this alert13 Nov 2014 Blevins Franks to buy Siddalls France
Unlock this alert13 Nov 2014 Allergan and Actavis in Talks for $60bn Deal to Rebuff Valeant's Hostile Bid
Unlock this alert12 Nov 2014 HGGC to buy majority stake in market research company
Unlock this alert12 Nov 2014 Dorset Fire Service to merge with Wiltshire & Swindon Fire Authority
Unlock this alert12 Nov 2014 Secures £325m Contract - Co-Op Bank Outsourcing Agreement - Acquiring Mortgage Service Operations
Unlock this alert12 Nov 2014 Profits Fall 70% to £5.42bn - Substantial Acquisition Costs
Unlock this alert11 Nov 2014 Acquired By Saudi Company - 100 New UK Stores - 1,000 Jobs
Unlock this alert10 Nov 2014 19% Rise In Profits - Successful Acquisition - Business Growth
Unlock this alert10 Nov 2014 £775m Takeover - Merger with Greene King - Job Losses Anticipated
Unlock this alert10 Nov 2014 Major Expansion - £775m Merger with Spirit Group - Job Losses Anticipated - 3,100 Outlets
Unlock this alert10 Nov 2014 Continues International Expansion - Acquisition of Touch Instinct - New US Office Opened
Unlock this alert10 Nov 2014 International Expansion - Spanish Company Acquired - £41m Turnover
Unlock this alert10 Nov 2014 Dairy Operations Sold to Muller - Deal worth £80m
Unlock this alert10 Nov 2014 Acquired by Turkish Company - £2bn Transaction - Global Expansion
Unlock this alert08 Nov 2014 Berlin Packaging Sold - Company Growth
Unlock this alert07 Nov 2014 45 Job Losses - Restructuring Initiatives - Change Of Executive Roles
Unlock this alert06 Nov 2014 Sold To Ferrovial and Macquarie - £1bn Transaction - Positive Business Outlook
Unlock this alert06 Nov 2014 Acquired by Italian Company - European Expansion - Recruitment Plans
Unlock this alert05 Nov 2014 AIM Software Acquires Joss Technology
Unlock this alert05 Nov 2014 Firm targets more acquisitions
Unlock this alert05 Nov 2014 Plastics Capital hits acquisition trail with £10m Flexipol Packaging deal
Unlock this alert05 Nov 2014 Partnership With ProCo - Service Integration - Technology Investment Plans
Unlock this alert05 Nov 2014 Acquires Stake in Concept Communications - Expansion in South of England - Additional Services
Unlock this alert05 Nov 2014 International Business Growth - 20 Acquisitions - 437 Stores Worldwide
Unlock this alert05 Nov 2014 Business Growth - Acquired By Belgian Company - International Expansion Continuing
Unlock this alert04 Nov 2014 Antofagasta to acquire rest of Duluth Metals
Unlock this alert04 Nov 2014 Plastics Capital to acquire Flexipol
Unlock this alert04 Nov 2014 Acquired by Zebco - Rapid Growth - Continued Expansion
Unlock this alert04 Nov 2014 Acquisition of Fletchers - £56m Deal - Company Growth
Unlock this alert04 Nov 2014 Southampton Airport Sold - £1bn Transaction - Focusing on Heathrow Airport Expansion
Unlock this alert04 Nov 2014 Acquired By Hughes Armstrong - Major Investment Plans - Restructuring - 35 Job Losses
Unlock this alert03 Nov 2014 Business Growth - Singapore Firm Considers Takeover - Potential £800m Bid
Unlock this alert31 Oct 2014 Acquired By US Company - UK and European Expansion - 30 Jobs Expected
Unlock this alert30 Oct 2014 Johnson Matthey powers ahead with new £46m acquisition
Unlock this alert30 Oct 2014 £8.5m Funding Secured- Investing in Growth - Seeking Acquisitions
Unlock this alert27 Oct 2014 New Acquisitions - Yearly Turnover Increased By £310m - Entering Australian Markets
Unlock this alert27 Oct 2014 New Acquisitions - Yearly Turnover Increased By £310m - Entering Australian Markets
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