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Main Products and Services from Alert Data

Alert Business Insight is an expert in the procurement, delivery and interpretation of business information for the UK and internationally. A range of business information products and services in the form of subscription services, reports, business lists, and marketing services are available.

Specifically these are -

  • Periodic Subscriptions
Unlimited access to our comprehensive UK business data including up-to-date Company and credit reports, business news, market/trends analysis and other invaluable industry reports. Excellent for business analysis/planning, key account management and/or business lead generation.

  • On Demand Reports
Company reports (contact details and names, financial and employee figures, recent news and other useful data). Sector and region growth analysis reports also available, plus our in-depth market focus reports. Excellent for business lead generation, sales prospect research, competitor monitoring, benchmarking, employment research and UK sector analysis.

  • On Demand Business Lists
Compile and download instant, accurate lists of organisations rated by various factors such as revenue growth and profitability. UK lists can be purchased and delivered online, and optionally can inclue the full corporate details and data for the companies. International business lists can also be compiled via our Internation Research service, see relevant section for further details. Ideal for business lead generation and sales prospect research.

  • Marketing Services
Add categorised UK business news to your own corporate website by publishing from our rss feeds. For almost any business topic, regional location or market sector, you can be amongst the first to pick-up and annouce events as they are reported. Ideal for almost any type of business with an existing website looking catch the eye of visitors and keep them coming back.

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