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Periodic Subscriptions from Alert Data

  • Alert Data Business Database
An up to the minute information service purpose designed to assist in business analysis and planning, key account management and business lead generation. The service delivers company and credit reports, business news according to seven business topics, market reports and trends data, plus monitoring facilities for periodic reporting.

Keyword Summary: business information, lead generation, sales research, competitor monitoring, benchmarking, employment, analysis, credit checking

Delivery: A range of single user and multi user subscriptions options are available for periods between 1 and 12 months.

Getting Started: If you'd like more information about our subscription services please contact one of our business information specialists on 0115 960 5076, or get a free trial.
Useful to those who are:
  • Looking to increase work productivity by saving on time-consuming research
  • In need of a business information service that is constantly updated
  • Searching for a one stop service providing company data and lists, sector information, credit reports, business news and hot sales leads all in a low cost monthly payment package
  • Requiring a business information service that can deliver a 100 fold return on investment
  • Wanting an intuitive information service that everyone can master in seconds
  • Looking for a more cost effective solution to accessing business information
  • Looking for cross selling opportunities and need family trees of current clients
  • Needing a service that makes it easy to qualify new prospects before opening conversations
  • Making strategic business decisions based on the latest trends in their sector
  • Analysing the marketplace for new sales leads and niche market opportunities
  • Wanting to enhance their customer relationships with industry insider information
  • Looking for a cost effective solution to giving multiple end users access to business data
  • Benchmarking own business performance against competitors, suppliers and prospects
  • Spring cleaning and updating in house CRM or contact management systems
  • Analysing business potential at a national, regional or postcode level

  • Knowledge Centres (KC's)
Bringing together breaking business news, company reports, market research information and business trends data. for a range of market sectors, business change topics and regional locations as follows.

Delivery: Standard KC's - list of 108 sectors, 30 business topics and 12 regions. Bespoke KC' - can be produced for any mix of business topics, locations or market sectors.

Getting Started: We can tailor a Knowledge Centre to fit your specific requirements and/or areas of interest, to see a working example of this please call us on 0115 960 5076 to speak to one of our business information specialists.
Keyword Summary: lead generation, time saving, account monitoring, market research, devising strategies

Useful to those who are:
  • Keeping track of specific business areas or needing to quickly get up to speed in unfamiliar territory
  • Performing market research into specific business sectors
  • Devising new strategies on ways to gain new business leads

  • Specialist News Feeds
Delivering content round the clock for any topic, sector or organisation from 130,000 business news sources worldwide including the print press, trade journals, specialist magazines, market research sources and electronic media.

Delivery: Live 24/7 to website, constantly updated.

Getting Started: Our news feeds can be tailored according to your specific requirements and/or areas of interest, to find out more please call us on 0115 960 5076 to speak to one of our business information specialists.
Keyword Summary: website, retaining visitors, reduce bounce-rate, keep up-to-date, supply information

Useful to those who:
  • Want live 24/7 news updates about specific business topics or sectors from global media
  • Showing website visitors how in touch you are with breaking news for your area of expertise
  • Need access to trade press and journals to keep up to date on industry information
  • Need raw news content from which to compile your own newsletters or blog postings

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