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Property, Land & Constr.
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Updated 12th Nov 2014 - UK Turnover in the Property, Land & Construction sector has risen by 2% in the past accounting year to reach £239.6 billion. Profits have increased by 6% to £27.6 billion and employee numbers have risen by 0.04% in the period to 1,645,846 people. Over the past 3 years, UK turnover in the sector has fallen by 0.4% and employee numbers have fallen by 0.4%.

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Greenfour Limited
(No. of Employees Growth 200%)
Stephenson Construction (South) Lim
(No. of Employees Growth 200%)

Coffey Construction Limited
(No. of Employees Growth 187%)
Spiecapag Uk Ltd
(No. of Employees Growth 147%)

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