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Alert Data is the principal service from Alert Business Insight (Alert BI) and comprises an online library of over 100 million pieces of data covering 500,000 UK organisations.

Filtering of this data enables users to drill down quickly and easily to precise sets of
information for use in B2B sales, marketing, business research and other applications.

Alert Data Applications

B2B Marketing Support

Alert BI provides a range of data-research tools, many unique, to enable marketers to drill into the core data covering 500,000 organisations to uncover valuable insights, pinpoint business trends and prepare targeted lists for campaigns.

B2B Sales Support

Identifying which companies are in buying mode and which are not is crucial for sales productivity and in beating the competition. Alert BI's insights on markets and business trends, plus 'insider information' about firms and their performance, enables B2B sales success.

B2B Research Support

Alert Data is a live, online, easy-to-use search engine delivering fresh, verified, GDPR-compliant reports, data and insights. It's ideal for researching current clients, new prospects, suppliers, competitors, partners and also the markets in which they operate.

Career Search Support

Alert BI provides comprehensive information on 21 market sectors, over 100 sub-sectors and 500,000 UK organisations – most out of the public eye – to enable students to research and pursue effective career-search strategies.

Job Transition Support

Being well informed and up to date about potential employers gives job seekers an obvious edge and increased confidence – whether in making job applications, exploratory telephone conversations, during interviews and following up.

Industries – Food Sector

Alert BI provides a search engine for the 60,000 organisations in the food industry, its supply chain and the entire food service sector. The unique indexing enables fast drill-down into the data to identify; sales targets, suppliers, partners, acquisition targets and more.

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