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Private Limited Companies

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The Companies Tracked by Alert Data -

  • Account for over 50% of private sector employment - over 15.1 million jobs
  • Have over 100,000 UK business locations and 121,000 subsidiaries
  • Generate sales of 985 billion per year - 58%+ of private sector output
  • Produce annual profits in excess of 345 billion
  • Own or lease 800 billion in land, buildings, vehicles, fixtures and fittings
  • Purchase from over 123,000 suppliers - the complete range of products and services

There are in total 464,862 Private Limited companies available for viewing and downloading. Use our "advanced search" above to find them

Top 4 Private Limited companies by Alphabetical (Note: Guests can only see the first 4 records)

&Agency Ltd
&Meetings Limited

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